Hunter Leangap: Hunter's Original Startup Incubator

Hi there, thanks for your interest in Hunter Leangap. Starting last year, we were Hunter's first Startup Incubator, building startup concepts from the ground  up while going over core skills, processes, and business methods to determine customer interest in our products and the feasibility of getting our product mass-produced.

At Hunter Leangap, our club is led by those who had prior startup experience both within, and outside of, Leangap. Co-President Arun Rau took the Leangap Summer Program and helped to devleop the Crescent Lamps concept which would later raise thousands trhough several rounds of crowdfunding. Co-President Lance James has developed other startups in the fields of technology, retail/e-commerce, and foodservice; and has successfully turned fledgling companies into multi-unit enterprises with cuastomers around the world.

We believe the key to successful Entrepreneurship doesn't come from assigned roles or teams from Day 1. We will go over the basic operations of a startup to give our club members the opportunity to see what role they would be most interested in BEFORE committing to a specific position. Furthermore, you don't need to have any prior business experience, skills, etc. to join us in creating a startup. Skills such as graphic design, coding, and knowledge of social media are all key parts of our startup development process.

We think Hunter Leangap is a great opportunity to gain real-life experience in developing a business, and to gain skills that will enable you to effectively communicate with your own team and beyond.

If you would have interest in joining Hunter Leangap for the 2018-2019 school year, please fill out the form below and we will keep in touch with you.

The Hunter Leangap Board

Co-Presidents: Lance james, Arun Rau
Publicity Secretary: Russell Leung
Marketing: Eszter Morvay, Emily Lopez
Technology & Software: Rohan Agarwal, Jeremy Kim